The History Behind Dublin Community Bands

The Dublin Community Bands organization was founded in 2010, during the process of reviving the historical 19th century Dublin Cornet Band. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity, Dublin Community Bands is governed by a Board of Directors and in its first decade, has expanded to include 150+ local musicians in five main ensembles. We are proud to serve, and be a part of, the Dublin community.

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

We want to recognize the people who have suportted Dublin Community Bands over the years with generous donations and support!


Check the list below for answers to common questions about Dublin Community Bands and learn how to join one of our fine ensembles.
Have a question not answered here? Contact Us to ask for more information!


When is the next concert?
For more, please check our schedule to find the next concert!


How do I join?
Dublin Wind Symphony – Membership is open to all players without audition. Please REGISTER HERE to join us!

Dublin Metro Brass – A [British-style] “Brass Band” is different from a Concert Band or Wind Symphony, and includes only these instruments: Soprano and Bb Cornet, Flugelhorn, Eb Tenor Horn, Baritone, Euphonium, Trombone, Eb and Bb Tuba, and Percussion. (If you have experience with any brass instrument, you may be comfortable switching to learn a new part!). Membership is open to all players without audition. (We do ask for a season-long commitment for those who join – this group prepares to compete at DFOB and NABBA Championships each year.) Register for next season here.

Read through the information on the Metro Brass page and fill out the registration form if you are interested in the January-June 2020 season. You will be added to the mailing list to receive information about next season when it becomes available in the fall!

Dublin Cornet Band, Dublin Silver Band, and Emerald City Swing Orchestra – Membership in these groups is by audition/invitation only. Please register to attend a rehearsal.

Do I have to be a Dublin resident to join?
Nope! The Dublin Community Bands welcome members from Dublin, the Greater Columbus area, and any of the surrounding communities. (We even have members who drive from as far as Circleville and Springfield, Ohio!)


How much does it cost?
The participation fee for each “year” (August-July) is $50 per member, which goes to the Community Bands to fund things like sheet music purchases and rentals, equipment, venue rentals, instrument transportation, and contest fees. Dublin Community Bands is a 501(c)(3) entity.

If you have more than one family member participating, the first member pays $50, and each additional member pays $25.

There is a discounted rate of $25 for student participation.

Some ensembles may also require the one-time purchase of a specific uniform shirt ($25-$30ish)

If you play in more than one Dublin Community Band during the same year, there is no additional participation fee!


What are the age limits?
Musicians of all ages are welcome, from students to the most “seasoned” of veterans. Community members, music educators, college students, high school or even exceptional middle school students can participate!

(Middle school students are asked to submit a recommendation from their school band director or private teacher, and to carefully consider with their parents what it means to commit to an outside performing group. School responsibilities should always be a student’s first priority.)


How do I know if I am good enough to join?
Dublin Wind Symphony – There are no individual auditions and the band is open to all who have a firm commitment to participate and a desire to perform to the best of their abilities. We suggest you bring your instrument to a Monday night rehearsal and sit in with us to try it out. After a couple of rehearsals you should be able to determine if you and the band are a good fit.

Dublin Metro Brass – There are no individual auditions, and the band is open to all who are interested. This group is a “Community Band” and “Competition Band” hybrid – we do prepare to compete at DFOB and NABBA Championships each season. By design, a [British-style] Brass Band is a smaller group (~30 members) and parts are more exposed than in the larger Wind Symphony setting. In many cases there may be only 2 or 3 musicians on each part, with opportunities to solo. If you are interested, please register, and then come to our pre-season rehearsals in December to see if you’re up for the challenge!

Dublin Cornet Band, Dublin Silver Band, and Emerald City Swing Orchestra – Membership in these groups is by audition/invitation only. Please contact us for more information.


How will seating be determined?
Seating for the bands will vary from ensemble to ensemble.

Dublin Wind Symphony – chairs are rotated and determined by the director and section leaders. Members of a section could rotate parts from concert to concert and even from piece to piece within a concert. Everyone can benefit from playing different parts, and there should be a good distribution of strong players on every part. This rotation enhances the balance of the group, and listening skills will improve as players gain a different perspective. This policy should establish an atmosphere of cooperation, learning, and encouragement so that we create a quality musical experience for all.

Dublin Metro Brass – Placement and Solos are determined by the directors for the benefit of the whole band. In the event of high enrollment, it may be necessary to rotate players in and out between pieces to adhere to competition regulations.

Dublin Cornet Band, Dublin Silver Band, and Emerald City Swing Orchestra – Placement is determined by the director.


What if I don’t have an instrument?
We are developing partnerships with both Rettig Music (6321 Sawmill Rd., Dublin) and Buckeye Brass & Winds (7445-A Montgomery Dr., Plain City) to create an adult instrument rental &/or step-up program. Percussionists will be responsible for providing their own sticks/mallets, but other percussion instruments will be provided.


What if I have an instrument but it needs repair?
Both Buckeye Brass & Winds and Rettig Music offer extensive service in instrument repair and replacement. Both are strong supporters of the Dublin Music community and would be happy to help you get your instrument concert ready.


Can I donate one or more instrument(s) to the band and is that tax deductible?
We would appreciate receiving any instruments in good to excellent condition. Every instrument received in the program will be valued and used by a band member, or if it duplicates one we already have it will allow us to acquire other needed instruments. We would encourage you to consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of your donation. Note that the Dublin Community Bands is a 501(c)(3) entity.


What are some benefits for having Dublin Community Bands?
• Volunteer musical organizations provide an important musical, social, and creative outlet for amateur musicians, and serve as a telling indicator of the cultural richness of a community.

• It provides a meaningful participatory musical, social, and creative experience for musicians of all ages and of all skill levels.

• Community musical organizations can serve as ambassadors for the city, demonstrating Dublin’s cultural depth to potential residents, businesses, and visitors.

• A community band provides a medium by which world-class musicians can be brought into the community to perform as guest artists.

• Performances and festivals by community musical organizations draw non-residents to the city, helping fill hotel rooms, restaurants, and other retail establishments.

Our Board of Directors

Dublin Community Bands is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, governed by a Board of Directors.

Jon Waters - President
Tim Jameson - Founder
Dr. Patrick Herak - Founding Board Memeber
Randy Luikart - Treasurer
Jeff Chesser - Liaison for Outreach & Artistic Committees
John Draper - Liaison for Budget, Finance, & Administration Committees
Steve Hoying - Liaison for Budget, Finance, & Administration Committees
Kathryn Liddie - Board Member
Mike Lowe - Board Member